Top 5 Stage Theatre for School Groups, 2011

The 2011 Playbills have been announced, calendars have been released, and the debate among our English department has begun: what field trips, to which stage productions should we plan for the coming season?

Heartbreak House and The President at the Shaw Festival? Mamet and Ibsen at Soulpepper? Everything starring Peter Donaldson at Stratford? The Melville Boys at King’s Wharf?

Our debate has pointed out that the Shaw is slightly more expensive for the students, matinees at Soulpepper are rare, and Stratford’s musicals are a disgrace to our young fans of the Bard.

Still, with many wonderful options, the debate in the English office is upbeat, and the early leader-board of potential field trips resembles the following:

  1. A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Soulpepper
  2. Twelfth Night with Brian Dennehy as Sir Toby Belch and Ben Carlson as Feste
  3. The Grapes of Wrath with Evan Buliung as Tom Joad
  4. Titus Andronicus with Donaldson’s return to Stratford’s stage (even if it is in the Tom Patterson)
  5. The Merry Wives of Windsor with Tom Rooney as Ford and Geraint Wyn Davies as Falstaff

We need to decide soon. Students intercept me in the halls everyday: “Mr. W! When’s the Stratford trip? I’m definitely going this year!”


Image by Bobolink


  1. Wendy J. says

    I love the new look of your website! Twelfth Night is my vote – if I were part of your posse that is.

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